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In the daily struggle, the choice to live a lifestyle centered on music as an original metal band is anything but easy in the daily grind of the Chicago music scene. Illinois is an area that has produced many heavy bands, but very few have withstood the test of time and broken free from the chains of the Midwest. This everyday struggle and the experiences it brings, lives within the music and the lyrics that can be heard in previous releases. Music is part of everyday life for the members of the band, and for close to 10 years Unvisioned has pushed forward endlessly writing with prowess.

It was in February of 2009 that the band as it is known today was formed. The July 2010 release of The New Machine, fueled the band to inspire loyal listeners and supporters of the new lineup. Performing at Metal Mayhem in the summer of 2012, this was evident as the band headlined the Sumerian Records stage. By the fall, the band had decided to finish the first fully produced EP, the band now hopes to outperform their previous releases with a new release in the Fall of 2013.


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